About Us

SRIPRASIT GROUP is a well-established pharmaceutical importer and distributor of generic products in Thailand since 1949. In 1975, under the auspices of Sriprasit Pharma Co., Ltd., we entered the manufacturing realms. Later, SPS Medical Co., Ltd. Was established as a distributor of the local market and Sriprasit Dispensary Co., Ltd. played the major role as the importer.

         In 2012, our new pharmaceutical production plant was built on 24-acre sized property situated in the Krathumbaen district of Samutsakhon province with GMP certification from the Thai FDA.

         In March 2015, we were certified with the International GMP-PIC/S by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, a participating authority of the PIC/S as well as GMP-PIC/S from the Thai FDA in October 2015.

         Our specialties include Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Rheumatology, Metabolism, Neuro-muscular, Dermatological and Gastrointestinal. Our current distribution channel covers both Ethical market and OTC market. The Ethical market are comprised of the medical schools, public hospitals, private hospitals and private practices. Whereas, the wholesales drug stores, retail drug stores and chain stores are covered in the OTC market.

         We also have the long-term relationship with our overseas partners to help us creating a pipeline of generic products in Thai and overseas market. They are from Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos and Myanmar.